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Please take a look at the following unsolicited testimonials. Any prospective

customers are welcome to come by Total Leather Care and take a look at

our work for themselves.

                                                                       Cecil Nidever

                                                         Mgr. Total Leather Care, Houston, Tx


Dear Sir.                                                                                                    

   I am writing to comment on the refurbishing job your company

performed on the leather sofa in my office.

   The quality of the restoration and craftsmanship is excellent and

confirms your statement that you could restore it to at least 95%

of the original condition. It was indeed a pleasure doing business with you.

   With many thanks,                               

                                                                 Yours sincerely,

                                                                  Dr. Ernst Knobil

                                                                  The University of Texas Houston




Dear Sir,

   I was astounded at the repairs Total Leather care made to

my black leather sofa that had been scratched badly by my cat. 

Frankly, I did not believe you could repair the blue leather chairs

in my office, which are twenty years old. 

   I am even more astounded by the condition of of the office

furniture after you refinished it. Your company works wonders

and you may use me as a reference any time.

   Please do not forget the two bottles of leather cleaner you

 promised to drop off. I will have you out more often in the future. 

                                                                           Very truly yours,

                                                                            William Pannill

                                                             Law Offices, Pannill Moser & Barnes



Dear Sir,

Our many thanks again to all the folks at Total Leather Care. You met all your

promises for quality, timeliness and courtesy and we are very pleased with the

repair and refinishing of our two couches. We will most definitely recommend

your services to all our friends.


                                                                          Gary Guthrie



Dear sir,

I would like to take this opportunity to commend your company for the

excellent work, professionalism, and courteous service exhibited in repairing

and cleaning our recently flood damaged leather recliners, couch and easy


Within a few hours of our call to you, your courteous and helpful employees 

picked up our flood-damaged furniture. It was immediately obvious from the

professional manner in which our furniture was handled at that point that your

company's standards were high. The fact that you offered on the spot to store

our furniture after the repair. "... for as long as it takes to get your home back

in order after the flood, at no charge." Was an extra bit of of compassion we

were not expecting.

Subsequently, our furniture was returned to us , cleaned and repaired, and in 

a condition that exceeded our expectations.... and actually the condition each

piece was in when purchased! The repair to the severely ripped arm of one

recliner was so professionally done as to be undetectable. Each piece was obviously

cleaned With a great deal of care. In short the furniture was returned to us "better

than new."

It is refreshing in this day and age to deal with folks who do exactly what they

say they are going to do and so notably deliver on their promises. I can guarantee

that we will never consider anyone else for our leather cleaning and repair needs,

and will not hesitate to recommend you to one and all.

Please take the time to express our appreciation to all your employees for their

professionalism... and a big thanks for a job well done!


                                                                                Best regards,

                                                                                Karl A. Caillout


We are humbled and honored that our customers would take time to

write us and tell us how pleased they are with work we did for them.

Thank you for reading these testimonials. If we can be of service

please let us know. We hope you will  be as happy with our work

as these great customers were.


                                                        Cecil Nidever

                                       Manager, Total Leather Care, Houston, Tx





We repair leather, Houston metroplex and surrounding areas.

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Houston, TX 77074
Phone: TEL 713-776-2090 or 800-846-4084 

Email: information@totalleathercarehouston.com





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